Know how to maintain your Cecotec Vacuum Cleaners
Be carefree with Cecotec Vacuum Cleaners

Know how to maintain your Cecotec Vacuum Cleaners

If you have tried the Cecotec Vacuum Cleaners, you will surely no longer imagine your day without it. Vacuum cleaners greatly improve the quality of life at home, allowing you to enjoy your free time and a house that is always cleaned comfortably.

Cecotec Vacuum Cleaners will take care of all your cleaning needs while it requires minimum and easy maintenance to help stay in perfect condition and steady cleaning efficiency.

Caring for your Cecotec cleaning device is very easy, here we explain how to always keep it clean without much effort and getting the most out of it.

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Tip #1

Cleaning the dust container and filters

Keeping the dust container clean is very important to optimize vacuuming. Before starting the cleaning, check that the robot is turned off, once this is done, remove the dust container, open the lid and empty the contents into the trash.

In case of detecting a lot of dirt, we recommend washing the tank and the filters (except Hepa, which does not have to be washed) with a little water and neutral soap and drying them well before replacing them.

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Tip #2

Cleaning the mop and the water tank

If you have used the mop, all you have to do is wash it with a little water and let it dry. Once the mop is removed, you can also clean the tank with water. When we detect that with the uses some dust accumulates around the air intake, remove it with a rag and do the same with the side brushes.

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Tip #3

Cleaning of other components

In order for the robot to move around the house perfectly, the omnidirectional wheel and the anti-fall sensors should be cleaned regularly. It is very important to check that there are no tangled hairs. And now there is only the base, it will be enough to pass the brush and a damp cloth to the charging poles and the base when you notice that it has some dust.

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With these maintenance tips you will have your Cecotec Vacuum Cleaner always ready to remove all the dirt.

That’s it! It is very easy to have the vacuum cleaner in the best conditions and clean in less than 5 minutes. Now let your robot vacuum, sweep, mop and scrub for you while you enjoy your time.

Easy Maintenance, now possible!