New Conga RockStar: Ultrapower Without Cables
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New Conga RockStar: Ultrapower Without Cables

Discover the new Conga RockStar vacuum cleaners. They are 3 in 1: vertical, broom and hand, and incorporate the Brushless digital motor. They are designed to end all types of dirt on any surface. They have a high power and incorporate a wide accessory kit to carry out the most effective cleaning comfortably.

Cecotec Conga Rockstar 500 Ultimate (Most Powerful Suction: 24000 ...

Conga RockStar 500 Ultimate: amplify power with the digital motor

The most advanced model, the Conga RockStar 500 Ultimate, features a state-of-the-art brushless digital motor to provide higher speed, lower noise level and longer life of the vacuum cleaner. Ensure maximum efficiency with the MultifasicSystem system. 

It also stands out for its ForceSonic technology with a maximum power of 430 W. It has 24 kPa of suction pressure and incorporates a wide professional kit of accessories that allows more than 30 cleaning combinations.

Cecotec Rockstar 500 Ultimate

Includes the new motorized Jalisco brush, with two materials to remove the most difficult dirt and vacuum three times faster in a single pass. It is designed with 360º technology to reach every corner of the home, even the highest. The weight falls on the fist to comfortably lift the vacuum cleaner.

Cecotec Conga Rockstar 500 Ultimate

Thanks to its Immortal Battery system and its 2500 mAh and 25.9 V Lithium Ion battery, it achieves an autonomy of up to 65 minutes and reduces charging time. With the Typhone system it maximizes its impressive suction power up to 130 aW. 

It allows vacuuming the entire house without the need to recharge it. It has three operating modes: Eco, daily and turbo cleaning, to adapt its use to each circumstance.

Aspirador Vertical Conga Rockstar 500 Ultimate Cecotec ...

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