Conga 1590 Active - Cecotec India
Be carefree with Cecotec Vacuum Cleaners

4-in-1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Your Conga 1590 Active will sweep, vacuum, mop and scrub the floor simultaneously thanks to its mixed tank for solids and liquids. Clean 100% of the surface covered in an efficient, orderly manner

  • Vacuum: Suck all dust and dirt particles using the powerful vacuum mode.
  • Sweep: Sweep the floor by moving dust & dirt particles to one side of the room.
  • Mop: Clean the floor using a wet mop. The Wash4You Technology cleverly cleans maximum meters using its advanced electronic control system that dosages and distributes water evenly across the mop.
  • Scrub: Conga 1590 Active deploys Smart scrubbing through iWater technology. Experience absolute control with its 3 scrubbing levels, suitable for all types of surfaces. Its Wash4You system mops and scrubs by just installing de wet tank. Designed with professional technology, its reciprocating movement provides a perfect finish on all types of surfaces. Removes the most embedded dirt.

Smart Gyro Technology

This robot vacuum cleaner includes the innovating smart navigation technology iTech SmartGyro 2.0, smarter, more intuitive and predictive than its predecessor. Thanks to its gyroscopic proximity, anti-shock and free-fall sensors, it cleans your home's surface efficiently.

Cleaning Routes

Its Virtual Map system will display your home's map on your App. The robot will create the map as it cleans. Plus, you will be able to see it later in the cleaning record. The robot creates different maps for different moments, which allows improving cleaning routes thanks to its intelligence.

Clean All types of Surfaces

The Conga 1590 Active uses the Total Surface 2.0 technology, to clean 100 % of your home's surface. It has 2 interchangeable brushes the Conga 1590 Active ensures all types of dirt and all surfaces are pleasantly cleaned. You get a special rubber brush to remove animal hair from difficult places such as carpets and mats. You also get a brush made of 2 materials for all surfaces and types of dirt.
The Turbo Clean Carpet technology that consists of a rotary main brush, cleans all the dirt and dust inside mats and carpets. So be it hard floors or carpets, you well get optimum cleaning using the Conga 1590 Active.

Reaches Every Corner with Smart Navigation

The Conga 1590 Active Connected totally adapts to your home. It cleans underneath furniture, detects obstacles and avoids falling down the stairs. It also reaches every corner thanks to its 2 side brushes which help pushing all the dust towards the suction nozzle. The modern and elegant design with tempered-glass ensures that it looks stunning and yet can manoeuvre every nook and corner of your house This robot vacuum cleaner includes the innovating smart navigation technology iTech SmartGyro 2.0, smarter, which is intuitive and predictive. Thanks to its gyroscopic proximity, antishock and free-fall sensors, it cleans your home’s surface efficiently.

10 Special Programs

The Conga 1590 Active Series robot has ten cleaning modes that adapt to each situation. When you want to delimit zones, select its area mode, cleaning in a point or restricted area. You choose which rooms you want the robot to clean. The perfect way to clean the areas you want and those you don't. The different modes you get are: Auto, Gyro, Smart Area, Edge, Manual, Turbo(Deep Cleaning), Twice (Double Cleaning), Scrubbing, Random, Back Home.

3 Power Levels

You can choose from 3 power levels: Eco (800 Pa) mode for shallow cleaning with minimum consumption, normal mode (1200 Pa) for daily cleaning and turbo mode (1400 Pa) for deep cleaning.
The Conga 1590 Active can reach suction power of upto 2000 Pa with the Force Implode system using powerful turbine that maximizes its great suction power. It will ensure all types of dirt is removed.

Dry & Wet (Two Different Collection)

Cecotec is one of the few brands that provides both Dry and Wet cleaning in the same robot. You simply need to change the cleaning Tank to change the mode. You get 2 large-capacity tanks in the package. The default one is for dust collection and the other one is the Wet one, in which you can fill water for Scrubbing and Mopping.

Control Your Robot

  • Using Remote

    You can simply control your robot using a Remote. It is easy and intuitive The Remote comes with an LCD display making it simple to use.

  • Using Conga App

    You can use our Smartphone application to control your robot by selecting cleaning modes, programming cleaning, selecting the level of suction and scrubbing power and observing the cleaning history. You can also set time table which his programmable programmable 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. Smart navigation with APP.

Silent Operation

The Conga 1590 Active uses the OnlySilence technology for silent cleaning. The sound in your house will be so less (< 64 dB) that even pets are not disturbed.

Immortal Battery

With the Immortal Battery system, with Ion-Lithium battery, 14.4 V and 2600 mAh. Enjoy up to 110 minutes of autonomy.

HEPA Filtration

Conga 1590 Active Purifies air with the high-efficiency filter, capable of retaining a large quantity of allergens and dust.

Magnetic Strip to block areas or rooms

Select the areas or rooms you do not want to clean with the Magnetic Strip accessory. Define physically the cleaning zones where you do not want the robot to clean.

Total Surface Technology

The robot includes Total Surface technology that ensures an efficient cleaning of your house’s surface. The robot automatically returns to the charging base taking the quickest way when it runs out of battery. It then charges its battery and resumes the cleaning process from where it had stopped. It will continue this process until it finishes complete cleaning.

Warranty & After Sales Service

All Cecotec Products comes with a 2 year Warranty on Motor & 1 year Warranty on electrical parts. You can reach out to us over toll free number 1800-212-4423 and received support within 24 hours of registering the complaint.

Color Black
Product weight 5.5 Kg
Package dimensions 34 x 34 x 9,6 cm
Material Tempered Glass Cover
Number of Speeds for Suction 3
Noise: 64 dB
Tank Capacity: 600 ml
Action Ratio: 12 metres
  • Robot vacuum cleaner Conga 1590 Active
  • Multifunctional brush (bristles and silicone)
  • Special silicone main brush for pets.
  • Magnetic strip.
  • Wet & dry tank (solids and liquids).
  • Solids tank
  • Remote control.
  • 2 mops.
  • 4 side brushes.
  • Auto-cleaning brush.
  • Charging base and power adapter.
  • Instruction and App manual.