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Conga 1090 Connected

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Conga 1590 Active

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Conga 3290 Titanium

INR 59900
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Conga 4090

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Thunderbrush 850 Immortal Battery

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Thunderbrush 790 Immortal Battery

INR 24900
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Rockstar 500 Ultimate

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2 Years Warranty on Motor and 1 Year Warranty on Electrical Parts.

Ultimate Power

Clean with the "power of a cyclone"

With Unique Patented Typhoon System & Powerful Cyclonic Technology, both our flagship products viz Robot Floor Cleaners & Cord-free Vacuum Stick provides professional results in one go.

Best Rated Impressive Suction Power (upto 25,000 Pascals) with Cecotec Vacuum Solution Products.

Cecotec Cord-free Vacuum Stick comes with a unique Motorised Tool that uses Force Sonic Technology to deep clean mattress, curtains, Sofa, etc & eliminate all types of dust, dirt & allergens keeping your house always clean.

With Cecotec Bagless Cyclonic Technology you are assured of the same suction power throughout the product life-cycle. Get Guaranteed Constant Suction Power even after 3 - 5 years of usage.

Includes high-performance HEPA Filter to trap 99.97 % of dust and allergens.

Special Turbo Mode to deep Clean Carpet and other such similar stubborn surfaces.

Different surface types: Ensures maximum efficiency with its Multiphasic System and adapts to all cleaning environment

Clean Every Corner like a Pro

Cectoec provides a professional cleaning kit of brushes & attachments to take care of all your cleaninng needs

At Cecotec, we take dirt very seriously. Our products come with a complete professional kit of accessories such that every nook and corner of your house and every surface can be properly cleaned.

Specialized attachment for different use cases.

Motorized brush made of two materials to eliminate the more invisible dirt, vacuuming three times as fast in one pass.

Specially designed for homes that have pets. Easily pick up Pet hair, pet dander, etc.

A special motorized Tool for mattress, Sofa and any kind of Fabric Surface.

A wide & narrow nozzle with convertible brush option for different types of furniture, corners and crevices. This tool is very useful to Vacuum dirt stuck in Window frames.

A 270 degree angle tool to help you easily reach higher areas of home like false ceiling, Cupboard top, fan tops, etc.

Gently remove dust from Glass surface, TV Screen, Laptop, Electronics, etc

Reach various far fetched areas like under car seats, inside drawers, cabinets, etc.

All-in-One Robot Vacuum Cleaner

A Robot Vacuum cleaner designed especially for Indian requirement

You will get a wet and dry tank with all Cecotec Robot Vacuum Cleaners in India to ensure all needs are taken care of:

Suck all dust & dirt particles

Sweep the floor by moving dust & dirt particles to one side of the room

Wet cleaning of Floor

Scrubbing on one location continuously to remove hard strains

All Cecotec Robot Floor Cleaners come with 4-in-1 capability of vacuuming, sweeping, mopping and scrubbing.

Cecotec is proud to have developed "Special Indian Customer need centric Robot Floor Cleaners" where we understand the need to have features like mopping & scrubbing because these functions are part of the day-to-day cleaning routine of an Indian household.

9 cleaning modes:
Auto, Edges/Border, Spiral, Twice Cleaning, Smart Area, Restricted Area, Manual Mode, Deep Cleaning & Scrubbing. Choose a different mode to suit your specific requirement.

With its unique Wet and Dry tank, it cleans 100% of the surface efficiently in an organized and a smart way.

Manage up to 50 Cleaning Plans, thanks to its Room Plan innovative system. Just select specific rooms you want to clean at the desired schedule.

Total Surface 2.0 technology, to clean 100 % of your home's surface.

Keeping you in mind

Party like a Rockstar, Clean like one too!

We have developed Cecotec Vacuum Cleaning Products keeping our Customers in the centre, aiming at addressing most essential requirements thereby creating & offering a World Class Product.

Cecotec Cordless Vacuum Cleaner comes with excellent usability: Upright, Handheld and Electric broom. Embedded with 360-degree design to remove dust, providing you greater speed, less noise and increased product lifespan.

Mobile head with 180º Twisted technology, improves its usability by reaching all the smallest and the remotest corners.

Designed to keep it light without compromising power & battery life. Ensure ease in operating with complete freedom and comfort.

The ergonomic handle designed to provide improved usability, easily converts it into a handheld vacuum cleaner to clean furniture, sofas & mattress.

Cecotec Robot Floor Cleaner comes with unique Anti-Fall Sensor & Suspension Bumpers which can easily adapt to your home, clean underneath furniture, detect obstacles and avoid falling down the step.

Robot Floor Cleaner shall automatically return to the charging base when it has finished cleaning thanks to the smart GPSHome system.

Power of Connectivity

Clean! Stop! Go Home!

Cecotec Robot Floor Cleaner can be controlled with Smart-phone App, Remote Control, Google Voice or Amazon Alexa.

Using Smart-phone App, you can control your Cecotec Robot Cleaner by selecting cleaning modes, scheduling cleaning tasks, selecting suction and scrubbing power levels or checking cleaning records.

Using Google Voice or Alexa, you can give different voice commands to start cleaning, stop cleaning, send the robot back to the charging base or even locate it.

For non tech savvy, Cecotec Robot Vacuum Cleaner also offers a simple remote control to take complete charge of your cleaning plan with Robot Floor Cleaner.

Smart iTech Laser 360 navigation - Plans the quickest, most efficient, organized and smart cleaning route of each of the rooms in your house.

MultiMap system to save up to 5 different maps in the robot's memory.

Automatically returns to the charging base when it has finished cleaning, thanks to the smart GPS Home system.

Immortal Battery Life

Amplify the potential in one go!

Cecotec unique Immortal-Battery in Vacuum Cleaners guarantees best rated Battery Life and long single Cleaning usage without need to charge again. With Ion-Lithium battery, 2500 mAh and 29.6 V, offering a fantastic run time of 65-minute. Vacuum your whole house without any need to charge again in-between.

No.1 in Marketshare

Cecotec is Europes leading brand in Vacuum Clenaers.

30% Global Market Share

Rank #1 Vacuum Cleaners In Europe

5 million+ Products sold every year

6+ Winner of International Design Awards


World Class Design & Technology has ensured we receive many international awards!

From Global Design Award, Innovations, Features in International Magazines, Cecotec continues to be a leading Brand:
IF Design Award for "Best Robot Vacumm Cleaner"
(Awarded for 3 consecutive years)

IDEA(International Design Excellence Award) for "Best Cord Less Vacuum Cleaner"
(Awarded for 4 consecutive years)

Reddot Design Award for "Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner"
(Awarded for 2 Consecutive years)

GOOD Design Award for "Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner"
(Awarded for 2019)


Semi-automatic Coffee Maker

The Power Instant-ccino 20 Touch Semi-automatic coffee maker prepares all kinds of coffees and hot drinks with just one touch. Adds milk and coffee automatically to the cup according to selected preferences. It will stand out in your kitchen thanks to its elegant design with stainless steel finish and will provide you premium blend to your beverage.